Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors

It is evident from the article Elder Scrolls 6 Screenshots that no news regarding its development, or even screenshots are out on the internet. No official statements regarding its release or development have been made by people behind this video game series franchise. in this case, no Elder Scrolls 6 Downloads are also available on the internet. Considering the fact that The Elder Scrolls franchise are out to release The Elder Scrolls Online in 2013, then Elder Scrolls 6 would probably have to wait for a few years. However, Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors have been circulating on the internet, and are becoming the “talk of the town” of video game players, especially those of The Elder Scrolls series.

Our Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors compilation

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We have compiled some Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors for all of you. You can check them out below.

There was a fan-made trailer on Youtube which showed the possible setting of the Elder Scrolls 6 video game. In this trailer, the creator discussed the game locations of the previous versions one by one. On the last part, he also discussed the possible location for the 6th version, including their pros and cons. Here is the fan-made trailer which is titled “Where will the Elder Scrolls: 6 take place?”

There were also 2 Elder Scrolls 6 dominion trailers on Youtube which were released by the user account bethesdadevelopment. The videos received mixed positive and negative comments from other users. The 2 videos show the gameplay of the 2 locations that are mentioned (Elsweyr and Summerset). Here are the 2 videos that are being talked about by the Elder Scrolls fans online.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Dominion (Elsweyr region art)

The Elder Scrolls 6 Dominion (Summerset region)

The location of the Elder Scrolls 6 is the topic that most fans are debating about. Each one of them has his/her own opinion on where the game should be set and why the game should be set there. Another topic on the internet that most fans are talking about is about suggestions on how to improve the game compared to the previous versions.

On the online forum, Skyrimforums.org, fans are voicing out their wishlists for the Elder Scrolls 6 game version. Among the different comments, we picked 2 which caught our attention. Here they are.

PelagiusIV voiced out his wishlist that:

I would love to be able to form your own guild. You get to choose what the goal of the guild is, the location of the headquarters, and you’re in charge of recruiting. But you can’t just walk up to anyone and recruit them, they would have to have the skills that match what you’re goal is and you then either have to perform a favor or promise something in return etc.

Also I would like the ability to create custom armor, which would also be used in creating your guilds look. And being able to design your own logo and have it engraved into the armor.

As for where, I think it would be interesting to have it set in Valenwood. But wherever they choose will be fine with me.

Also what saffers said about consequences. I feel as if my actions play no part in the world.

Vacqui also shouted what he wanted, literally:

What I felt really strong about while playing Skyrim

1. Make More Large Monsters!!!
The only large monsters in Skyrim were dragons, mammoths and giants. Other smaller (such as trolls) were weak and didn’t take long to kill. More huge monsters would be AWESOME.
Maybe these new large monsters should take into account the environment; I felt the water/sea in Skyrim was rather bland, so a KRAKEN (like Kayran in Witcher 2) in deep waters or a HYDRA would be cool. For this to work, Bethesda will have to add a water combat too. (see point 3)

2. Make More Mounts!!!
Other than horses, make something like dragon mounts after capturing a live one, sabre cat mounts (that would totally rule), hugh bird/Griffin riding etc. Horses are boring.

3. Make Combat in Different Situations!!
Mounted fighting (ie on a horse), underwater/in-water combat

4.Make the Player able to FLY!!
As mentioned in point 2, to have a dragon or a bird mount the player must be able to fly!! Being able to fly (either by riding a flying mount or by fly magic) would be a totally awesome addition to TES.

I would be so happy if these were implemented in the next TES game.

Other than that, no Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors are out on the internet. No rumors regarding its release date are spreading because it’s hard to predict when it can possibly be released. There’s no certain pattern in the chronological release dates of the previous installments The Elder Scrolls. But do not worry because when rumors about the Elder Scrolls 6 go online, we will post them on our website immediately to keep you updated.